The Art of Being Lovable On Social Media

Oct 8, 2018

Social media marketing is a lot more than just posting your latest news: it’s about engaging the audience and respecting their preferences.

In all times, you’ve to remember your main objective as a marketer: to elevate your audience and increase your customer base. So, what’s the best way to manage your social media marketing and make yourself—your brand—shareable, interesting and lovable?

Gaining fans and followers, having an engaging conversation and great conversion rate don’t happen overnight. Social Marketing success is the product of a lot of effort and strategy. It’s not a race but a marathon.



black and white, black-and-white, connectionAs in real life, do more listening and less talking. Imagine you’re having a nice chat with a friend. If you overwhelm them with a lot of unwanted information, do you think they’ll come back—or stay at all? It’s the same when marketing. Read your target audience’s online content, join their discussions. Learn what’s important for them and then create dedicated and useful content. They’ll stay with you.



In these modern times, creating content for a general, wide audience, it’s the same as creating it for no one. Have a clear notion of your audience and elaborate all your brand’s messages towards it.


Look for Quality

If you’ve spent a lot of time focusing and listening, you might want to have valuable responses and conversions. It’s not about having a thousand fans in Facebook that never engage with your company, it’s about having online connections who read, share and talk about your content.


Find the Influencers

Photo of Man and Woman Taking Selfie

When you’re in the “listening” part, you’ll surely find the online influencers in your market. Connect with those people and work to build relationships with them. They’ll likely be interested in your product or service and might want to share their good opinion to their own audiences.


Offer Value

Let’s go back to the conversation scenario. If you’ll talking to a friend and, instead of telling an entertaining story you start to sell (insistently), your friend will ignore you or just leave. Add value to the conversation. Focus on creating amazing content and developing relationships with online influencers and your audience.



Share and talk about the content created by others. Discuss and be honest in what you do. Don’t ignore somebody just because what they said is negative, be polite and respond. Always acknowledge every person who reaches out to you.

In the end, all of these steps can be compared to being a nice friend: listen—listen a lot!—and, when talking, say something that’s fun and useful. Be the soul of the party!