When It’s time To Bring In A Professional Video Production Company

Written by: Jimmy Newson

Jimmy Newson is the founder and CEO of Moving Forward Small Business, a membership-based digital publishing company on a mission to save a million small businesses from failure by 2050. He presents workshops and training regularly with Start Small Think Big, NY Public Library, SCORE, Digital Marketing World Forum, DC Start-Up Week, and international SaaS companies.


October 8, 2018

While most people with a little know-how and some easily accessible video tools can produce an interesting and clickable video, the question is, should they? Business marketing has changed dramatically. Video is now a dominant medium. Your average online viewer is faced with dozens of video choices on a daily basis. With online videos, streaming media, video advertising, social media and videoconferencing, it seems that creating a high-quality video could set your video apart from, let’s say, hundreds of ordinary videos.

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Hiring a skilled video company, means you are hiring storytellers with technology. In an ideal world, when you hire a professional video production company, you’re hiring a team of professionals who have specialized skills. Knowing how to connect with an audience is a skill. Connecting means building emotion, building emotion means drawing the viewer in. Drawing a viewer in means you have the power to engage and persuade and essentially, those are key functions for any effective video. Whether you are selling a product, a service, promoting an idea or movement or sharing details of an event, you need to persuade your viewers to watch and then take some form of action with a purpose. The desired action could be immediate—such as a phone call or an online purchase—or it could be designed to stimulate education, investigation or dialogue, which could lead to sharing and a more broad reach to a larger audience.

Many business and marketing professionals say: “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” So whenever possible, it’s best to focus your efforts on tapping into the best resources and talent possible to do just that. Hiring a professional video team for pre-production, production and post-production could be one of your best investments in building your business brand.

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JNL Media produces videos for small businesses, corporations, organizations and private clientele and delivers any format required, from DVD to digital for licensed distribution.

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