Social Media has revolutionized how people communicate. Never before has been so easy for people to become famous overnight. While fame may have required a middleman in the past (record labels, for example) becoming famous and respected online now is all about building your online presence. Whether this is for yourself or your business, recognition online can mean a great deal in terms of the attention you receive. So what can you do to build your online presence?

Well, the easiest way is to lay the groundwork by spreading out across social media platforms. Friend as many people as you can, keep your accounts active, and find something that helps set you apart from other people. By remaining authentic and relevant, you can begin to generate a following that will grow in time.

Along with this, consider focusing on some of the specific areas listed below.


Whether the podcast is central to building your online presence or just an addition to your arsenal of self-promotion, a podcast means getting your voice out there on a number of issues. Podcasts are most successful when they cover a particular topic of interest. By focusing each podcast on a part of this interest, you can create an expansive an interesting experience. The Podcast “Serial”, for example, recently become more popular than TV and radio when its gripping story and plot led to hundreds of thousands of people to download and listen.


bloggingBlogging is all about keeping your information current and up to date. Become a source of information instead of the echo chamber. By becoming the place where people go for opinions, you become a voice relevant to the discussion. By varying up your blog, you can keep it interesting for people who like to check in daily. Remember, constantly updating is the best way to remain active and important in the minds of your subscribers.

Live Streaming

Live streaming involves you broadcasting via podcast or video. Live streaming is useful for a number of reasons and has been popularized in the past when the format was used to fundraise for charities. When used correctly, live streaming can draw huge crowds to your content or product and facilitate communication between you and your fans. In addition, live streaming is seen as less fake and more authentic than other types of social media communication.

With live streaming, blogging, and podcasting, you can work to increase your online presence to a broader range of people. More often than not, if you stick with it long enough, you will build up a sizable base of followers.