When it comes to funneling customers into your business, there is a clearly defined beginning and end.  The beginning is the traffic that comes in to view your website. The end is a loyal customer. The challenge every online business faces is bridging this divide.

Thankfully, there has been a number of companies that have stepped up to try and bridge the gap.  Designed to engage, draw in, impress, and convert general traffic into loyal customers, these services can be quite beneficial to your online company.  Let’s take a moment to review a few of these services and see how they may help your business to grow.

Leadpages and Landing Pages

Leadpages is one of the leading producers of high-quality landing pages.  Landing pages are what a person will see if they click on a hyperlink from another website.  Simply put, it is your first and sometimes only chance to get your foot in the door and impress a potential customer.  Landing pages are kind of like a really nice front door or expanded kitchen in a home that is for sale because both are designed to impress and draw in potential customers with the ultimate goal of a buy.  Never underestimate the power of landing pages in promoting your website.

Webinar Jam and Utilizing Webinars to Draw People In

Another tool to help improve your business traffic is WebinarJamStudio, a front end marketing tool created and inspired from Google Hangouts and GoToWebinar. Webinar Jam is all about creating the space for effective webinars.  From sharing and communicating information to having strict control over handling who attends and speaks in your webinar, Webinar Jam is a tool that can entice potential new customers into engaging with your product.


A Free Business presentation tool, Powtoon is all about creating quick and free animated videos and presentations for your website.  If you would like to explain your product in further detail or relate the mission statement of your company, Powtoon is perfect for you.  Powtoon provides a platform where you can quickly and entertainingly describe your products to other people.  With Powtoon, you can help convert your online traffic into potential customers for your business.

It should be noted that, while these tools are helpful, a lot rests on how you use them.  Identify your potential client base, and market towards their particular interests.  From colors to the style of humor popular in the community, direct marketing and these tools can make a big difference in your business.