A fulfilling and purposeful life requires having a strong sense of self. This sense of self comes from not only knowing what you want but being able to effectively work towards your goals. No matter what distractions may surround you, having the ability to say “no” to things that are against your goals and “yes” towards what perfectly aligns with your objectives will give you an incredible advantage.

Being On Purpose

yesnoWhat are your dreams and ambitions? Are you working towards them at the moment? More often than not, people will have an idea of what they want to do, and hold it in front of them as a future goal. “I will work on it later” is a popular expression. While having a purpose is fantastic, not working towards it will lead to frustration and anxiety. In this way, consider your mind a battleground for your happiness. Your key for purpose and success is to focus on those things that align perfectly with your objectives. Everything else is unimportant in comparison.

Being on purpose means sticking to what motivates you towards growth and success. Also, saying “yes” to what perfectly aligns with your objectives will help your growth as an individual. By providing yourself the time you need to grow and prosper, you head towards your ideal self.

The Problem

The biggest problem that we have as individuals is a general aversion to things that scare us. Our future, no matter how successful, can be intimidating when we first start out. It is much easier to say “yes” to things that do not align with our purpose than it is to say “yes” to those things we want to do.

The challenge is to break this cycle. As we previously mentioned, consider your mind a battleground for your future growth, purpose, and happiness. Remind yourself about being on purpose, and ranking those tasks that align with your objectives over others.

The Trick to Being On Purpose

More often than not, people are willing to be hard on themselves if they are not immediately successful. You will always be your harshest critic. By taking the time to identify your purpose, as well as those tasks that perfectly align with your objectives, you can succeed like never before. Remember, growth, purpose, and success comes from saying “no” to those things that do not align with your purpose, and “yes” to those things that do.