The last decade has seen an explosion in the use of social media platforms. From recognizable heavy-weights like Facebook and Instagram to smaller topic specific social media platforms like LinkedIn, the average Internet user may have more than half a dozen profiles spread across different platforms.

While the number of ways we use to communicate continues to increase, we run into a new problem: it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage all of these accounts. From having to log onto different websites to having to constantly browse to stay up to date, social media can take a great deal of time. This is even truer when it comes to running social media through a company. With more than one profile, there can be dozens if not hundreds of accounts to manage.

Managing social media doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways you can manage social media accounts through software and tools. Designed to make managing accounts easier, these tools help to combine various social media platforms together on your end, facilitating quicker communication and information gathering.

Collaborate and Publish Across Multiple Platforms

People communicate over a number of different social media platforms. The company and app Social Sprout helps you to facilitate this process by streamlining technology that connects people across platforms. In addition to making it easier for people to communicate, Social Sprout also improves publishing to numerous social media platforms from a single source.

Organizing Social Profiles

Depending on the size and operation of your business, you may be looking at thousands of social profiles spread across half a dozen social media websites. With this level of confusion, keeping track of everything and utilizing your network for effective marketing may be impossible. That is why you should consider HootSuite. Designed to bring social profiles together, HootSuite makes it easier for you to manage and utilize your social media accounts.

Better Marketing

As technology continues to improve, older forms of marketing become less and less effective. For example, over 86% of people will skip TV commercials. In addition, 44% of the direct mail sent will never be opened. When considering how quickly technology has revolutionized communication, it is easy to see how many businesses are falling behind and relying on older and less effective marketing. Hubspot hopes to fix this problem by providing their clients with more effective social media marketing that targets buyers directly.