Increasing awareness of your business can be expensive and challenging. That is why an increasing number of smaller businesses are aligning themselves with big events. When an event comes to your area and it is related to your business, you have a great opportunity to increase your business’s profile. Let’s take a look at how you can increase your marketing muscle through aligning your business with a bigger event.

Free Press

Simply put, big events can provide a great deal of free press. Consider for a moment Marketing Week NYC: designed to give local small business help in attracting new customers, it represents the perfect venue to expand your own business. You can schedule a number of events during that same week to get above-average exposure and recognition for free.  As an example, here is the event we have created to align with Marketing Week NYC called BECOME THE THOUGHT LEADER IN YOUR NICHE AND TAKE THAT TO THE BANK.

Broader Range of Exposure

Big events can bring interested parties from foreign investors to local residents you may have never met otherwise. Aligning yourself with one of these events can broaden your range of exposure—therefore, use them to make your company better known to both close and distant customers.


networkingThe final thing you should consider is networking within your industry. Networking through a bigger event can give you the tools of the trade you need to improve your business. From cheaper providers of materials to better management techniques, networking begins and ends in countless conversations on the convention floor. In addition, you can share your business and build your marketing muscle through marketing at the event itself. Whether this is for our previous example (Marketing Week NYC) or for a big event within your industry, networking is crucial to reaching success.

Free press, a broader range of exposure, and networking are but a few of the benefits you can obtain by aligning your business with a bigger networking event. From this exposure, you can see what works within your business—and what doesn’t. Remember, nothing is better for your business than you being aware of the current trends. With all the information gathered at a big event, you are more prone to selling yourself in an effective way and taking the necessary steps to reach success in the future.