All You Should Know About Google Adwords

Oct 8, 2018

Google has become, in an impressive amount of time, one of the most useful digital tools for businesses. Either you want to know how many people visit your website through Google Analytics or just want to find a business trend via Google Trends, there’s always one way to solve your query.

Google Adwords is Google’s online advertising program. According to their own definition, “with Google AdWords, you can reach people as they search for words or phrases (which we call keywords) or browse websites with themes related to your business. Your ad can appear on Google and its partner websites. With cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, you’re charged only when someone clicks your ad.”

Every ad takes the format of a short text ad that includes a title line, two short descriptive lines and a URL link to a website or a specific website page.


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Benefits of Google Adwords

*  As it works based on search terms, Google Adwords presents your ads only to those people that are searching for what you offer. Consequently, they are more prone to take action.

*  You can restrict the geographical area (states, towns, or even neighborhoods) where your ad will be shown. Let’s say you sell second-hand cars. You wouldn’t want to have your ads presented to people at the other side of the world; your interest is on local customers.

*  Cost-per-click (CPC) means that you only pay “when someone clicks your ad, not when your ad appears.” There’s not a minimum spending commitment and you can stop or pause your ad whenever you want to. Your budget is entirely up to you.

*  You have access to a detailed report of your ad’s reception. You will be able to see “how many new customers connect to your business from your ad” their origin, and other useful information.

Warnings about Google Adwords

According to John Rampton from Forbes, there are some things that every business should be aware before using Google Adwords. These are the highlights:

* If your keywords have a high competition, every click will be quite expensive. If you own a startup or new business and pay $5 per click, you’re getting a visitor, and that’s great. But what if this visitor doesn’t purchase your service or product? It’ll result in unproductive investment, that is, a waste of your $5.

* Robert Kenney wrote an article called “Google AdWords – Destroyer of Small Business.” He states that, with all the larger companies using Adwords, keywords have become really expensive and unaffordable for new or small businesses. By the time an upcoming business launches, all of their relevant keywords have been taken, which in turn, raises the price.

* Google AdWords defines a limit on the number of characters that you’re allowed. 25 character in the headline, 35 each in the two lines of text and 35 in the display URL. “While this isn’t exactly the end of the world, this restriction can make using AdWords a bit tricky,” says Rampton.
If you forgot to turn off an ad it can cost you a lot of money. There’s also the chance to confuse the AdWords Conversion Tracking with Analytics—an expensive confusion, that is.

* Maybe Google Adwords is not really for you. It’s better to find an alternative that actually reaches your niche. Let’s use again the car’s retailer example. If you sell cars only to a specific city and only to people that have a specific inclination for classic cars, maybe Google Adwords is not for you.
In the end, it all is a matter of knowing who your target is and deciding useful keywords that won’t let you in bankrupt. Google Adwords has a lot of benefits, but it has to be carefully managed in order to avoid unnecessary expenses. Have you ever tried this Google tool? How did it go? Let us know in the comments section!